Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry

Library for Fringe Knowledge

Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry maintains special library for spirituality, esotericism and paranormal, which is located at street level 350 meters from Malminkartano railway station in Helsinki. Since the founding of Centre of Fringe Knowledge in 1993, it has been open for public, within opening hours and during book cafes and other various events, which have often theme related to literature. Unfortunately activities in the library are mainly in Finnish, yet more information can be found on our event calendar and regular video broadcasts from the events (one can also rent a space for events outside of opening hours).

While the library is open for public, audience can also use reading room, taking a look to  the literature without any haste; for example by reading Infinity-magazines published by Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry. It can serve as a living room for everyone who is interested in these topics, as a place where one can spend time even with board games related to theme. Multiple client laptops enables online access for free and also can be used as a tool for researchers or our volunteers. Clients can also take prints and copies with cheap price, scanning doesn’t cost anything. Office of Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry also serves the public during the opening hours.

Collections of the Special Library

Library for Fringe Knowledge is largest of its kind in Finland open for public, containing over 3000 books, adding at least hundred more to the amount each year. Almost half of the literature are available in English, from older classics to recent bestsellers. In addition the library has wide variety of magazines, vintage books and audiomaterial, which one can be study at the location or borrow for research purposes. Large electronic collection is also available in the library, which is can be studied from client terminals.

Books are in alphabetical order on the shelf, Finnish and English titles separately. In literature directory books have been classified by theme, between over hundred subject indexes. Updated bibliography will become available soon.

The loan period is a month at time and it can be renewed two times, if no reservation have been made for the same title. Renewing and making reservation is possible remotely by phone or email, or via our Facebook-pages, as well  as during the visit. Loan can also be sent from local post office, for a fee.

The library is principally operated on the basis of donated books, which will be welcomed except for doubles. Recent additions are especially desirable. For more information, welcome contact us by email, via our Facebook-pages or by phone (below).

Customer information

Opening hours: Tue 12-15, Wed-Fri 12-18 & Sat 12-15 (in July only saturdays, closed during public holidays)
Visiting address: Luutnantinpolku 7 LT 3, 00410 Helsinki
Phone number: +358 (0)44 9792544 (serves during opening hours)
Registration: With ID-card (on the first time)
Registration fee: 6€ (deposit), free for members.
The loan period: 1 month, which can be renewed two times
Late fee: 1€/month/book (for damaged or missing books, the whole price)
Limitations: Max 4 volumes at a time

Special Library for Fringe Knowledge – Arrival instructions
There’s excellent transportation routes available near the library. From Helsinki city centre one can reach Malminkartano by train within 15 minutes.
  • P-train from Helsinki to Myyrmäki and Airport or
  • I-train from Tikkurila via Airport

→ get off the train at the Malminkartano railway station, walk past Malminkartanonaukio, ~350 m.

  • Busses 37 ja 39 from Helsinki
  • and bus 39 from Myyrmäki

→ get off the bus next to the Malminkartanonaukio