Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry

Join the society or change your contact information

In order to get the membership application accepted, the  one must paying the stated membership fee as well as introduce us the name, address information, e-mail and telephone number of the applicant. Upon joining, each member will get their own user account in the online store (if there is no ID already), which will at the same time act as electronic member ID and give access only to material intended for members (or only a specific member).

It is possible to change or supplement information about personal or community membership in the online store through your own user account. You can also download and print a membership application form to report or change information by mail. If necessary, the information can also be changed by e-mail to the association’s member registry at rtyjasenrekisteri (at) gmail.com. The member is expected to keep the contact information up to date whenever they change.

The information supplemented or changed via the form on this page will be entered in the member registry and, if necessary, in the membership information of the online store’s user account. Billing, utilization of member discounts and use of member pages takes place via the username associated with the e-mail address provided in the member application.

The amount of the membership fee of Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry for 2022 is 20€ for individual members and 40€ for community members (21€ / 41€ in the first year).  Members can buy booths at the Spirit and Knowledge Expo at a discounted membership price, reserve 35, 45 or 120-minute program times for the fair at -15% discounted membership price, rent furniture for their own exhibition stand and book StudioRajatieto’s rooms for -50% reduced membership price. You will find more membership benefits here.