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October 15. - 16., SYK (Helsinki independent coeducational day school)

The Spirit and Knowledge Expo, organized by Rajatiedon Yhteistyö (Mind-Body-Spirit Cooperative Association) since 1983, will once again opening the door to the familiar and the unknown in year 2022 – for 50th time! After two years of waiting, we will offer you the experience of lifetime – including most comprehensive coverage of spirituality, wellness, fringe sciences, esoteric energies, self-help, interpersonal skills, spiritual readings, clairvoyants and fortune tellers, among other incredible and life-shaping encounters.

The oldest fair in its field is known as a traditional annual milestone for anyone interested in the affairs of body, mind and soul. Spirit and Knowledge Expo will return as an even better and more diverse than earlier, at October 15 from 10:00am to 6.00pm and October 16 from 10:00am to 5:00pm in Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu.

More detailed information about the expo will follow later.

Knowledge from spiritual - Spiritual from knowledge

Many of us are seeking places where to find themselves over and over again. Here in the expo of Spirit and Knowledge we are ready to share staggering experience for all sorts of folks, whether you are new guest or regular visitor. While transformation can be a slow process in personal and collective level, and it takes time to take a physical form in this kind of large events, especially as the venue has been mainly same, inner transformation has been proved to be quite something during the decades when the expo has been organized in Helsinki, Tampere and Imatra area.

Over last 40 years as expo has been conributing and reflecting the area of mind, body and spirit, the field has gained a lot of new influences, shaping our event. In year 2022 biggest changes will be related to one of our strength areas, health and wellness. Probably most prominent changes will be related to widening walking corridors, having more instructions and recommendations related to health promotion and investing availability for hygiene products in distribution points. More spaces will be also available for lectures, performances and other presentations.

Next Spirit and Knowledge expo will be organized 38th time in Helsinki and 50th time overall, including “Hengen ja Tiedon messut” (Finnish name of the expo) in Tampere and Imatra area. The event promises wide-ranging and diverse settings peace and harmony as well as various delights and sheer joy of being. You might find yourself from captivating lectures, substantive presentations, miniseminars and workshops, meandering discussions, guided meditations, resonating music shows, surprising turns outside the schedules, enjoying consciousness expanding art, the hustle and bustle of the booths or other unique encounters – every experiences are precious.

The expo is organized by Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry, which is also known from maintaining spiritual helpline and Library for Fringe Knowledge as well as publishing Ääretön-magazineExpo restaurant will have traditional mainly vegetarian menu. For younger guests, time flies fast in kid’s room, which is located in thrd floor. In the same floor is also  located is art bazar, dedicated to cultural dissemination. There is also artistic exhibition in the main hall, where you have entrance to the auditorium.

After three years of waiting, 50th exceptional expo offers mind-blowing thoughtforms that bump in the consciousness like nothing before. Main auditorium has to offer one after other impressive presentations in the schedule, including compelling conversations, spiritual music performances and practices, holy dances, nomination of recipients  for our annual scholarships etc. Complementing main auditorium, there’s more program in seminar hall of the first floor, second floor’s small hall and heaven hall located in the fourth floor. Exhibitors will also present their own demonstrations and scheduled presentations in the first floor rooms 1G & 1P as well as workshop room 3G in the third floor. Exhibitors  shar information about their activities and philosophies, with wide variety of approaches. In addition to official scheduled program, exhibitors in some larger lodges may present scheduled sessions for the public in the vicinity of their booths. Once again there is also much desired retreat room in the third floor, where one can settle or pursue oceanic feelings with guided meditations, offering place for quietness and mindfulness also when there’s no one to guiding your mind.

Known as “Hengen ja Tiedon messut” in Finnish, the expo is gathering around the theme “Towards oneness with the wings of consciousness” (note: Postponed expo has been scheduled in October 2022 and many of details such as theme can still be changed). Detailed information will be published in expo sheet, which will be published in August online and printed for distribution around the country, in order to let our customers opportunity to take a look on our offerings well ahead. Schedules will be tied together in a way, that makes Saturday and Sunday separate but coherent entity. Traditionally many guests are still staying to enjoy last minute conversations and athmosphere while the doors are already closing and exhibitors are packing up, giving us a leisured opportunity to gather valuable feedback and prospects for the next event.


Paid  miniseminars began in early years of 21th century, in order to offer deeper understanding from some of the expo presentations for anyone interested. Next expo will also cover some of the main topics in deeper level as a form of miniseminars. In addition exhibitors and performers complement miniseminars by organzing their own worshops, which can also be free. Miniseminar and workshop tickets will be being sold by those who organize it, either from the door or in advance. Locations of 2022 scheduled presentations, including miniseminars and workshops will be published later.


Trditional expo is an unique event, which gives opportunities for touching and sometimes surprising encounters. It is one of those rare places, where one can approach with ease spiritual teachers and practioners, professional astrologers, clairvoyants and fortune tellersWisdom from the East and West, Secrets of the Nature, therapeuts and healers, yogis and gurus, mediums, psychics and channellers, energies of the body and mind, skepticsparapsychologists, ufologists, organic farmers, ecovillages, gemsones, booksellers, musicians and authors as well as artists and craftsmen, all of them under the same roof. 

For years booths have been almost sold out and usually one has been able to find over two hundred exhibitors around the corridors, halls and classrooms of the Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu. Regular guests might get impression that material offerings have been getting more abundant over the years and to some extent that’s accurate, since many kinds of small businesses have been growing in numbers. Still in general most exhibitors are representing some philosophy or ideology in one form or another. Thus guests will have opportunities to meet their old favourites as well as newer acquaintances.

Want to attend as an exhibitorBooths for expo of Spirit and Knowledge are currently sold and billed via our web store, where you can buy free booths and lodges, additional exhibitors tickets, book times for 30 minutes ja 50 minutes scheduled programs (such as factsheets and other presentations), reserve spotlightsfolding screens and tables for expo. Information which is expected to published in expo sheet must be delivered to us by the later specified date in July 2022. For comparisons, we have published detailed information about the prices of booths in corridors and hallways and lodges in classrooms. Our webstore and information package contains also details about parking spaces, floor maps, how to cancel bookings, terms and conditions and many other topical issues. 

Annually some of the regular exhbitors are leaving and new ones will come to replace them. Booths from customers who decide to skip next expo or yet to keeping it open, are regularly released for sale before summer – often around April and May. Enquiries on booths and products can be made by contacting to our expo offices +358 (0)44 979 2544, we are glad to inform you about available opportunities and guide you with practical issues (as our store is optimized  for Finnish speaking customers). Our customer services can be reached also from email info(at)rajatieto.fi.

All booths are booked as a standing order in our webstore, which means that once you have paid the booth, it will be staying automatically researved for you each year, until you cancel the order or it will get cancelled if we don’t receive any kind of confirmation by certain date in spring. Each year our webstore will send you renewal notification and then bill, when you only need to follow ”pay now” -link and sign in by using your user account (which you will get after your first order). While you are signing in, you can change yoour orders and cancel it, or you can go to directly paying your bill. For more information (currently only in Finnish): www.rajatieto.fi/verkkokaupan-ohjeet/

Read expo sheet from 2019 (only in Finnish)

♥♥♥ Warmest welcome to 50th Expo of Spirit and Knowledge 15.-16. October 2022!! ♥♥♥
Expo Committee, Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry (Mind-Body-Spirit Cooperative Association)

PS. Building, planning and preparation of the expo would not be possible without volunteers. Volunteers receive ticket and food from expo organization. Some tasks require skills to talk in Finnish, some others not. Would you like to join our happy crowd? Haluaisitko tulla messuavustajaksi iloiseen joukkoomme?

Pre-orderable tickets will become available from Finnish  ticket service Lippupalvelu. By preordering your tickets, you ensure your access in the expo and get early bird benefits. Or just to make sure that you don’t need to buy and handle tickets in the main entrances anymore. Stay tuned!


Opening times: To be announced
Venue: Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu, Isonnevantie 8, Helsinki
Ticket prices (in Finnish: lippuhinnasto):
One day ticket 20€ (reduced price 18€ for students, pensioners, unemplyed and conscripts)
Weekend tickets: 35€ (reduced price hinta 30€ for students, pensioners, unemplyed and conscripts)
Group tickets at least for 20 individuals: 2 additional tickets for free. YOU CAN ORDER YOUR GROUP TICKETS  ALREADY!
Kids under 12 years old and assistants of disabled individuals for free.
Hanger fee: 2€ (performers, volunteers and personnel can leave their clothes for free)
Methods of payments: Most common method of payment in the expo is cash, but cards and mobilepay is avaiable as a payment method in many places. Tickets can be bought either with cash or debit card. Closest ATM is located in K-supermarket (
Tunnelitie 5), nearby Huopalahti train station.

Archives from earlier expos (in Finnish)


As usual, the venue will be Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu (Helsinki independent coeducational day school), located in Isonnevantie 8, 00320 Helsinki (Etelä-Haaga). It is recommended to arrive venue early and we advice use of public transportation. The venue is located near highways and it is excellently achievable by public transportation.  Ones who come by car should to take a notice that there’s small fee charged in the parking area. Further away one can also find free parking spaces.

  • Tram n:o 10 arrives from stop in the front of Lasipalatsi to terminus (tram turning point), and the venue is 400 meters from there.
  • Busses n:o 38, 200, 321, 322, 332, 345, 231N come from Elielinaukio (located at Helsinki Central Railway Station) to stop named Talontie, where the venue is only 250 meters away. Bus n:o 37 arrives from Kamppi to the same busstop in Talontie.
  • Communal trans Y, U, P, A, E and L from Helsinki Central Railway Station aswell as communal train I from Vantaa are arriving to Huopalahti train station, where you  can find the venue by walking 1.1 km
  • You can also order taxi from number +358 (0)100 0700 or preorder it from number +358 (0)100 0600. Pricing of phone calls can be found from taksihelsinki.fi

    Liberty of movement in the venue

    Ramp for disabled individuals is located in main entrance and it is also possible to move between floors by elevator (except for fourth floor).

    Guides in  the venue
    Friendly fire department personnel is guiding arriving guests in the parking spaces. Inside the venue janitors and floor managers are glad to give advices and guiding. Expo personnel can be recognized from yellow vests and janitor’s booth can be found next to main entrance. Public announcements happen in a coordinated manner two times a day.

    More information about venue in Finnish CLICK HERE