Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry

About the Association

Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry (Business ID 0895337-5) is ideologically, religiously and politically independent coalition for fringe knowledge societies, foundations, companies and individuals, founded in 1975. Purpose of our activities is to contemplate borderland of human knowledge, by mapping ideas, currents and organizations within the field of fringe knowledge as well as to share literature and information in the form of library and archives. In addition we promote aid, research and development in our field, as well as international cooperation between societies, researchers and other people by organizing expos and other mutual events. Our society practices also publishing, which at large includes expo sheets, summaries, audios, various information packages and Ääretön (Infinity) -magazine, which is published four times a year in Finnish.

Over the decades, our society has became known with various English names such as Mind-Body-Spirit Cooperative Association, Cooperation Network for the Paranormal and Psychic, Cooperation for Frontier Information, Fringe-Knowledge Cooperation Association – some even call us mystical-magical co-operation. The organization is slowly moving towards an official name.

Any individual and community who is approved by the board, and accepts our purpose and rules can join in our association as a member. Our membership can be accessed by applying either individual membership or communty membership. You can also participate in our activities by coming to our events, by joining in our email list, by giving us feedback, by supporting our society or by registering as a customer to Library for Fringe Knowledge. Forms of our activities include a wide range of membership benefits.

Our society organizes annual Expo of Spirit and Knowledge and other events, publishes Ääretön (Infinity) -magazine four times a year (+occasional extras, which can be written in English), Spirit and Knowledge expo expo magazine, and other kind of publications, distributes grants for research and development in the area of of our activities, maintains StudioRajatieto centre and Library for Fringe knowledge located at Helsinki, manages a helpline and offers other services related to our activities. For more information, please don’t hesitate to approach our offices.

If you understand Finnish language, you can also follow our activities in social media: