Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry

Aims and main objectives

  • Maintain the exhibition organization for the Spirit and Knowledge expo, setting to display extensive variety of topics and ideologies related to mind, spirit and body.
  • Organize expos, lectures, courses and other events on spirituality, spiritual growth, fringe knowledge and basic questions of life, where it’s possible to learn about these topics and related experiences in open and constructive atmosphere.
  • Support and promote studies on fringe areas of knowledge by granting research scholarship every year, usually within range of 2000 euros, which is possible to apply by anyone meeting set criteria 
  • Collect and create indexes on fringe areas of knowledge and various spiritual trends and movements, and related communities and influencers.
  • Offer regular assistance and counseling for members of the public, who are facing problematic or confusing experiences and circumstances related to fringe areas of knowledge and spirituality.
  • Maintain and develop library for fringeknowledge.
  • Ethical commitments includes practice of sustainable lifestyles such as non-toxicity and recycling. All our trade agreements is required to follow fair and open practices.
  • Maintaining  premises, which can be also rented for treatments, readings and small events.
  • Offer privieges for members of the Association.