Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry

Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry is  an umbrella organization between individuals, societies, foundations and companies within the area of spirituality, fringe sciences, new religions and related alternative lifestyles (called “Rajatieto” in Finnish), founded in 1975. Principal objectives of our mind-body-spirit cooperative association is to contemplate edges of human knowledge, mapping ideological currents and activities inside the field of rajatieto (fringe knowledge), and to promote cooperation in the field. Events and publishing are major parts of our activities. We are known especially as an organizer of Fair of Spirit and Knowledge, the oldest and most comprehensive mind-body-spirit expo in Finland. Individuals and organizations can join to the association by paying the membership fee, accepting our rules and the most important views.

StudioRajatieto, our spiritual centre on the avent of new era is located in Helsinki. It is available for friends of mind-body-spirit energies, who are looking for event venues, virtual events forums, customer meeting places, or studio rooms. Activities in the centre complete annual Fair of Spirit and Knowledge. Centre is open from Wednesday to Friday 12.00pm – 6.00pm & Saturday 12.00pm – 2.00pm, when Library for Fringe Knowledge, is serving  customers – borrowing literature for free.

Rajatiedon Yhteistyö helpline

+358 (0)40 – 913 1038

First Aid for spiritual crisis and challenging issues. Available on Thursdays & Sundays 6.00pm – 10.00pm

Fair of Spirit and Knowledge 2022 will be organized in Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu (Isonnevantie 8, Helsinki) 15th October 10.00am – 6.00pm and 16th October 10.00am-5.00pm. More detailed information will follow later.

  • Expo venue is conveniently reachable by public transportation. Car parking services are available at the expo venue as well. Passage in the area is easy and it is accessible for anyone. Our personnel is serving on  cloakroom, guidance and other needs.
  • Tickets 18,-/day ja 30;-/weekend, cheaper price for customers who are entitled to discount. Advance ticket sales will be opening later.
  • Expo store is now officcially open; availability of vacants booths are limited as most locations are still reserved to our old customers. Price lists for table booths, classroom booths and event timeslots, discounts, maps and information for exhibitors are available only in Finnish. 
  • Expo information desk serves audience and customers in opening hours (Wed-Fri 12pm-6pm & Sat 12pm-2pm). Phone number is +358 (0)44 979 2544.
  • While waiting for next event, we can once again return to athmosphere of last expo. Let’s stay healthy!



The Exhibition ”Spirit and Knowledge” is a spiritual festival organized yearly in autumn in Helsinki.

With over 200 exhibitors the event presents a good cross-cut of the field of borderline knowledge: modern spiritual teachings, perennial wisdom of east and west, alternative medicine and healthcare, yoga and meditation, parapsychology, UFOs, health and biological food and other ecological products, astrology, angels, consciousness, cosmos, numerology, literature, CDs and spiritual art. Also healers, Tarot readers, shamans, etc.

The 38th Spirit and Knowledge Exhibition will take place on 15th-16th October, 2022. The event is organized by Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry, a cooperative of Finnish spiritual associations, groups, companies and individuals.


20 € per day / 35 € two days (Pensioners, unemployed, students 18 € / 30 €)

Children up to 12 years old : for free


Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu (SYK)
Isonnevantie 8, Helsinki (Etelä-Haaga)

How to get there on public transport: www.reittiopas.fi

Any questions?

E-mail us! studiorajatieto at gmail.com